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The Asda equal pay claim is an ongoing legal action by store workers, seeking pay equality with distribution centre colleagues. The claim argues that the work done by store employees is of equal value to that of warehouse workers, who are predominantly male and higher paid.

The claim is based on the assertion that store jobs and warehouse jobs require comparable skills, effort, and responsibilities, and thus should be remunerated equally. It seeks to prove that the difference in pay is unjustified sex discrimination.

Anyone (male or female) who is hourly paid and has worked at an Asda store in in the last six years in England, Wales or Scotland.

Since the claim began in 2014, more than 32,000 Asda colleagues have registered, and the number is growing daily.

The claimants have successfully demonstrated in both the employment tribunal and the employment appeal tribunal that store jobs can be compared to distribution centre jobs, despite being in different locations.

If the claims are successful, underpaid Asda store employees can claim six years’ worth of back pay to compensate for the discriminatory pay difference.

Our partner law firm believe you may have been underpaid by as much as £3 per hour. Assuming you’ve worked 30 hours per week for the past six years, you could be owed over £28,000.

Registering your interest is simple. Answer a couple of quick questions about your employment at Asda to check if you qualify.

If you do, you can complete your sign up by agreeing to the Damaged Based Agreement (DBA), more commonly known as a no-win-no-fee agreement.


The next step involves our partner law firm continuing to present individual claims in the Employment Tribunal and gathering evidence to prove that the pay difference is due to unjustified sex discrimination.