Amazon DSP Driver Claims

If you've delivered Amazon products via a Delivery Service Partner (DSP) in the past 10 weeks, you could be owed thousands in compensation.

Why You Could Be Entitled to Thousands

If you have worked as an Amazon delivery driver through a Delivery Service Partner (DSP) in the last 10 weeks, you may be eligible to join a claim.

Leigh Day, a renowned legal firm, is acting on behalf of Amazon delivery drivers who believe they should be treated as employees, not self-employed contractors. Through this claim, drivers may be entitled to an average compensation of £10,500 for every year they have driven for Amazon.

How Much Could You Claim?

You can claim up to six years back pay, this could amount to…

£29 Per Day

You've delivered for the DSP.

£200 Per Week

You've delivered for the DSP.

£875 Per Month

You've delivered for the DSP.

£10,500 Per Year

You've delivered for the DSP.

Compensation is dependent on your individual circumstances. Figures are estimates based on averages.

What You'll Be Compensated For

As an independent contractor, you may have experienced certain challenges and disadvantages in your role. Many drivers delivering products for Amazon via DSPs are categorised as independent contractors, which means they often lack essential benefits and protections that employees enjoy. 

Some of these include:
Backpay for Unpaid Holidays

Employees have legal protection against unlawful deductions from their wages. If you have experienced unauthorised deductions that have affected your earnings, you may be eligible to join the claim.

National Minimum Wage

Employees are entitled to receive at least the National Minimum Wage for the work they perform. If you believe you haven't been adequately compensated for your services, you may have a valid claim.

Whistleblower Protection

Employees have the right to raise concerns, such as health and safety issues, without fear of retaliation or punishment. If you have faced consequences for speaking out about work-related concerns, you may have grounds for a claim.

Employment Contract

Employees have the right to a clear employment contract that outlines the terms and conditions of their work. If you haven't been provided with a formal employment contract, you may be entitled to claim.

Who Is Eligible To Claim?

Claims have been issued against almost 100 DSPs and counting.

If you’re over 18, reside in England or Wales and have delivered for one of the listed DSPs within the past 10 weeks you could get thousands in compensation simply by joining the group action online.

Please let us know if you drive (or have driven in the last 10 weeks) for Amazon via a different DSP – you can do this by selecting ‘Other DSP’. When we have this information about other DSPs, we are able to investigate bringing claims against them.

Join The Claim

*Our partners will work on a no win no fee basis, meaning that you will have nothing to pay unless your claim is successful (unless you have breached the terms of your agreement). If your claim is successful, you will pay a fee of 25% plus VAT, (or a total fee of 30% including VAT at the current rate) of the amount recovered, a fee could be payable for any claim(s) cancelled after the 14-day cooling-off period. 

Fair Pay For All is a trading name of Maddison Clarke Ltd and receives a payment from our panel law firm Leigh Day when you become their client.  This is at no extra cost to you. 


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